Tight with Tightknit

We just met with Rachel Wrightson Naylor, one of the organizers of an amazing new event called TightKnit that is very similar to our giveHANDMADE CRAFTSTRAVAGANZA.  TightKnit starts off with Troy Night Out on the so called “biggest shopping day of the year (aka “black friday”) as a welcome alternative to busy malls and people fighting over the new elmo doll.

You’ve heard of simultaneous discoveries?  Breakthroughs in science that happen independently… most famously, the patent for the telephone was filed on the same day.

Well perhaps this doesn’t apply to area arts events… but you get the idea.- we just discovered each other’s efforts a couple weeks ago… fortunately our events were planned to take place on complimentary dates and we were able to work quickly to meet up and put our heads together.

Rachel is really great and it was really encouraging and inspiring to explore how we can work together.  Rachel (TNO Vacant Storefront Artist Project/ How to Rebuild Zine) is working with Zhenelle Falk (Born Ready Zine/ Destroy, New York) to bring you TightKnit 2 times each year.

The good news… They are still accepting vendors for their show, so apply before it’s too late.

TightKnit – www.tightknit.org


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Website is up

It’s official… GSCA is partnering with UAG, Troy Farmers’ Market, and the Troy Downtown Collaborative to bring you The GiveHANDMADE! CRAFTSTRAVAGANZA…

The website is up and we are accepting vendor applications:

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A spectacular CRAFTSTRAVAGANZA… but where?

So a few of us at GSCA have been kicking around the idea of a spectacular Winter CRAFTSTRAVAGANZA of DIY, Handmade gifts.

We know there are so many nasty knitters, clever crafters, and magnificent makers in our area… independent artists who make one-of-a-kind, high quality, handmade items AND we want to have a CRAFTSTRAVAGANZA to encourage the capital district to buyHANDMADE! as an alternative to the shop-till-you-drop madness of the chain stores and malls, but… we don’t want people to freeze and our beautiful artSPACE (the former St. Anthony’s Church) is not yet heated in the winter.


Jamie Felittle from the Troy Farmers’ Market and Rebecca Schoonmaker, Upstate Artist Guild gallery manager, were both VERY encouraging and welcoming about making arrangements to use their spaces to host the CRAFTSTRAVAGANZA…. This event might just happen this year!

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