I pledge allegiance to handmade crafts…

Pledge to give handmade this year!
Pledge to give handmade this year!

Over 40 people have already joined our pledge to give handmade crafts this year! If you haven’t checked it out already, take the pledge and see the many words of devotion to giving handmade. Here are some of my favorite quotes so far…

“The process of making and browsing is less stressful than hunting and malling. And I feel less guilty about price when I receive handmade.” -Melissa Wasilewski, Albany NY

“Because handmade looks, feels, and smells better and you know where your $$ is going”-Bhawin Suchak, Albany NY

“Duh!”- Jacinta Bunnell, Albany

Here are a few of my personal favorite reasons to buy handmade:

1. I love meeting new artists

2. It gets my creative juices flowing for more things that I would like to explore making.

3. You can find gifts that feel more personalized.

4. I like the idea of my money going to support someone else spending more of their time being creative

5. It’s more representative of various cultures

6. I almost always find something that I feel good about buying for myself too!

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