AP story– Handmade for the Holidays

from the article

from the article

The AP just ran a story yesterday about people making and buying Handmade this year… It was picked up by a lot of papers.  It’s really encouraging to remember there are many of us thinking along these lines…

CHICAGO (AP) — Since high school, Arielle Napier has occasionally made items like a bed-sized quilt or belts as Christmas presents for friends.

This year, staring down a bleaker-than-ever economy, the 27-year-old is forgoing store-bought gifts entirely and giving friends and family everything from her own photography to handmade hats.

In doing so, Napier’s joining a small-but-growing chorus of consumers who are pledging to make 2008 a wholly handmade holiday. While the movement to buy and receive handmade gifts was already growing, it is getting an extra boost from the economic downturn that turned into a full-fledged meltdown this fall.

Full story is here: http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5g4aOK0HuId1Q6oWOGzIM5h9Rtf_QD94DK3Q00


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